Runs from Monday September 3 2018 to Saturday October 6 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


The Improv Centre
1502 Duranleau Street
Vancouver BC V6H 3S4

Performance Notes

× September always feels like the ‘real’ New Year – summer vacation is over and it’s the start of the academic year. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or have been out of school for decades, the feeling still persists.

Vancouver TheatreSports (VTS) honours this with a special improv show dedicated to school days. Back to School TheatreSports takes classic TheatreSports short form improv ‘games’ and adapts them to parody classroom clichés and cliques (some things never change). Instead of the traditional TheatreSports referee, the action will be overseen by a very stern Principal. Scenarios may see a team of Nerds vie against Jocks or Cool Kids against Academics for instance. Rule infractions will result in player ‘detentions.’

As in all VTS shows, the characters and action are co-developed with the audience - utilizing their suggestions to create on-the-spot, unscripted, theatrically-infused comedy. In this case, the players will be improvising using school-themed suggestions to create the scenarios – awkward first dates, trying out for the team and cramming for exams come readily to mind. Regardless of whether you are/were a jock, a nerd or one of the popular kids at school, everyone will be able to relate and find something to laugh about at Back to School TheatreSports.

Being an improv show means that no two performances can ever be the same, but all are guaranteed to be entertaining – leaving you with sore sides from laughing. Who knows, you may even leave the show humming ‘Be True to Your School.’

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