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Saturday October 19 2019 at 11:30 PM
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× This show is an International TheatreSports Festival performance.

The Improv World is coming to VTS from October 14 – 20 when we will be playing host to the International TheatreSports Institute (iTi) Conference and Festival. The iTi is the largest improv network in the world. Every two years they convene a conference and improv festival that brings together improvisers from around the globe. The theme of this year’s festival is ImproV Ecology in recognition of how the improv art form has evolved around the world to reflect the influences it receives from different cultural terroirs. The Festival showcases improv formats created by ITI founder Keith Johnstone (e.g. Theatresports™, Gorilla Theatre™, Maestro Impro™ and The Life Game™), along with signature performances by some of the visiting international delegates and companies.


Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright St
Vancouver BC V6H 3R7

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Performance Notes

Created by Keith Johnstone
Gorilla Theatre™ is an advanced form for experienced improvisers who are also skilled in directing improvisation. One of the hallmarks of Gorilla Theatre is the inclusion of a ‘live gorilla’ (a performer in a gorilla suit) that adds an element of spectacle, mask work, and playful misbehavior.
A cast of 4 – 5 improvisers take turns directing each other in scenes. The audience is invited to reward, or punish the director of a scene by yelling “BANANA!” if they liked it, or “FORFEIT!” if they didn’t. Successful directors are awarded a banana. Unsuccessful directors are required to perform a forfeit, such as expose a personal secret, get beaten by a foam stick, or call their mom and tell her about the wretched scene they just directed. At the end of the evening the director with the most bananas wins “a week of quality time with the resident gorilla.”

NOTE: This show is suitable for children aged 8 and over. We cannot accommodate younger children, toddlers or infants. Any show may contain mature content and language, parental discretion is advised.
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