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Tuesday November 5 2019 at 7:00 PM
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ICI Studio
1515 Anderson Street
Granville Island
Vancouver BC V6H 3R5


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Course Notes/Registration Information

Title: Acting: Scene Study
Teacher: Graeme Duffy

Description: This is an ongoing scene study class for people who are serious about becoming better actors. Experienced instructor Graeme Duffy will both nurture and challenge your acting skills. During each class, students will be held to high levels of professionalism. Actors are expected to rehearse scenes and memorize material outside of class. Graeme will coach students though exercises to bring out the best in them and their work. Enrollment is on a continuous month-to-month basis. Each class meets four times per month. Students are welcome to audit the class before joining. Contact the ICI Coordinator, Rachelle, at for more information.

Pre-reqs: Strong interest in developing current acting skills. Students must be responsible, professional and accountable as your scene partner will be relying on you to attend class prepared.