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The Art of Noticing - Tracy Burns Sunday August 18 2019 at 1:00 PM

The Improv Centre
× The Art of Noticing with Tracy Burns

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Location: Improv Centre Theatre

As improvisers, we talk a lot about “being in the moment,” but most of the time we’re so busy looking for "offers", or coming up with our own ideas, that we don’t notice what’s happening right in front of us. In The Art of Noticing, Tracy will give you tools and techniques to gently hone your powers of observation so that you can relax, be present and make the most of every moment. Your scenes will become effortless, playful and, more often than not, hilariously surprising. Whether you’re a seasoned improviser or relatively new, scene work has never been this easy!

Participants will have the opportunity to:
• Let go of the “rules” of improv
• Broaden your curiosity
• Replace Invention with Discovery
• Be an investigator rather than an architect of a scene
• Build trust in yourself (even if you don’t trust your scene partner)
• Go nuts, have fun and surprise yourself!

Pre-Req: This is a class for experienced improv students who have a strong, consistent understanding of improv basics and scene work. Students MUST be graduates of the ICI Core/ Rookie league, Instant or Blind Tiger Intro programs. If you are unsure if this class would be a good fit for you, please contact Rachelle at

About Tracy Burns:

Tracy has been teaching and performing internationally for over 30 years. She teaches acting, performance analysis, visual storytelling and improv at Pixar, DreamWorks, Laika, Blue Sky Animation, Cinesite, The Third Floor and other animation studios and production houses. She is the Acting for Animators instructor at California College of the Arts and teaches improv and Leadership for Introverts at Google. She was named one of the top improv instructors in Los Angeles by Backstage magazine. She was the director of the improv program at Pepperdine University for 13 years and has taught at Disney, Chapman University, Cal Tech, S.F. State, Middlesex College in London and the University of Central Florida, among others. She’s facilitated workshops for many companies including General Motors, Telltale Games, the Judiciary Executive Leadership Program and Women in Animation. Tracy was a founding member and co-artistic director of London Theatresports and was the artistic director of Los Angeles Theatresports. She has also taught numerous comedy groups in England, Germany and Holland. She was a core member and instructor for the award-winning improv group Impro Theatre. She has also taught and performed with many other groups such as Second City, ACME (L.A.), BATS, Leela (S.F.), The Comedy Store Players (London), Unexpected Productions (Seattle), On Your Feet, The Brody and The Siren (Portland).

2019 iTi Festival and Conference Monday October 14 2019 at 9:00 AM

2019 iTi Festival & Conference
× Vancouver TheatreSports plays host to the 2019 iTi Conference and Festival – Improv Ecology Oct.14-20 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Seven jam-packed days of inspiring workshops, panel discussions and public performances. It’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the best format teachers, network with fellow improvisers from around the globe and experience this vibrant city by the sea..
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